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Music Masters are doing awesome things thanks to the tireless efforts of each member. Get to know the people who lead Music Masters and reach out if you’ve got any questions regarding our events and activities.


Lead Vocals


For many years, Jock has been stunning audiences with his incredible voice. He is able to cover a vast array of material from Sinatra to Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Cliff Richard, The Beatles and many more. Jock delivers with such
passion and enthusiasm and he always leaves his audience satisfied.

He started his first band “The End” at the tender age of 14 in his home town of Stranraer. After moving to Sheffield he was soon in demand with the Sheffield music scene joining The Mind of Adam and going on to The Variation Show band and Paintbox. They worked in UK cabaret venues and appeared alongside a host of top artists like Bob
Monkhouse, The Move, Marmalade, Gene Pitney, Dave Allen and many more notable names.

After this excellent apprenticeship Jock spent many years as a solo singer, again appearing with star entertainers like Charlie Williams,

The Grumbleweeds etc.

Like the rest of the band, Jock is really looking forward to showcasing the talent within MUSIC MASTERS.


Bass Guitar & Vocals

Derek started playing at 11 years old in school bands such as Stevie and The Unknown, The Sherilees and Sunshine. Derek was also a member of the excellent Sheffield band Robert King's Symbol. He then went on to play bass with Sheffield guitar/vocal legend Frank White. It was whilst he was with Frank that he became one of Dave Berry’s Cruisers and also had an
opportunity to play with Joe Cocker.

From the early 90’s until recently Derek played in various bands with some great musicians and was invited to play bass with Warren Bennett, The Shadows keyboard player in his band The Vibrato's.

This involved working on Bruce Welch’s "Shadowmania" event and it fulfilled a boyhood dream to play on stage with Warren’s dad and long time Shadow's drummer, Brian Bennett. Derek was
also privileged to play bass for The Shadows bass player Mark Griffiths who is also a great lead guitarist.

Derek is really excited about the potential of the new band,

given the pedigree of the musicians within the band, and expects great things to come from MUSIC MASTERS..


Drums & Vocals


Pip is a very accomplished drummer and an incredible singer. He took up music at an early age coming from a large family of talented musicians.

After playing drums on the arms of his mum's settee with a pair of knitting needles, his mum and dad bought him his first drum kit when he was 

11 years old.

After playing with a local Doncaster band Yvonne and the Castelle's at

13 years old, and going on to other local bands, Pip was offered the opportunity to turn professional at 21 years old with the already successful

Doncaster band, The Voices of P.G. Johnson. They were a terrific Vocal/Harmony/Instrumental band touring England, Scotland,
and Wales, appearing with a host of UK stars including Eric Delaney

(a boyhood hero of Pip's), Tiny Tim, Pickettywitch, Clodagh Rogers, and many more.

Pip developed a much sought after lead vocal voice, and the following years included summer seasons at Pontins Holiday Camps, performing with bands on board the P&O cruise ship Canberra, also performing alongside some of
the world’s top stars.

He also had a successful period as a solo singer.

Pip is delighted that the new band 

Music Masters has emerged, and is looking forward to
continuing success with these great musicians.




Grahame started playing guitar at 11 years old, after being influenced by The Shadows. He began playing guitar in his first band ‘Tequila Sunrise’ when he was 14 years old.

He also became very proficient on the Bass Guitar, alternating between Lead and Bass guitar.

After a long spell touring the UK with the band ‘Harlequin’, Grahame has also performed as part of a duo, and also as a

very successful solo artiste.

As organizer for ‘The South Yorkshire Shadows Club’, Grahame still enjoys playing the music of ‘The Shadows’ after all this time, and is looking forward to sharing their music, and that of many other 50’s and 60’s stars, to generation’s old and new, as part of

Music Masters.




Mick started playing Jazz Guitar when he was 11 years old, and was proficient enough to perform with his first group ‘The Roadrunners’. After playing in various bands from around Sheffield, Mick emigrated to Australia, where he became an early member of the chart topping band ‘The Mixtures’, famous for their catchy song

‘The Push Bike Song’.

Returning to the UK, Mick joined the band ‘Maureen and The Darren’s’, a cabaret style band performing with a host of international stars on the UK cabaret circuit. Mick then became a founder member of the highly respected Sheffield band, ‘The CFS Band’, again playing to packed houses up and down the country.

After a stint as a solo artiste, Mick returned to what he likes doing best, playing guitar in the Rock/Blues band ‘Rooster’.

Mick is relishing the challenge of working with ‘Music Masters’, as it gives him the chance to get his teeth into another genre of music, playing with some excellent musicians once more.

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